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See figure for illustration of Serial Communication Test menu window. Connect the diagnostic module directly to the serial port on the computer. From the signcutterControl Center in the computer, select Test. Then select submenu Computer Port Test. Verify that the COM port displayed ioline is60 the correct one. If it is not, press the ESC key. If any key other than ESC is pressed the computer serial test screen will be displayed.

Press any key on the ioline is60 keyboard and verify that ioline is60 character transmitted is the same as the character received. Parallel Port: Parallel Port at the computer side can be verified through use of a working parallel port printer. Cutting Quality Problems Good cutting quality is dependent upon a number of different factors. The type of vinyl, environmental conditions, and operator habits are only a few of the variables that can affect the quality of a cut. It is important that the signcutteris loaded and maintained according to the guidelines in the Signcutter Users Guide and in Chapters 2 and 5. The table below is a summary of the most common difficulties:.

The cut file was sent with the wrong sign cutter language setting.

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Sign cutter was shut off in the middle of ioline is60 plot. Make sure the sign design software and the Sign cutter are set to the same sign cutter language either HP or HP The vinyl is slipping. The knife force setting ioline is60 too low. Uncalibrated carrige. Dirt or debris is stuck on the knife.


Clean or replace the knife. Clean the grit shaft refer to the Cleaning the Grit Ioline is60 procedure. Ensure the pinch wheels are not over a gritshaft bearing.

Increase the knife ioline is60. Calibrate carriage refer to p. The blade is dull. The blade tip is broken, possibly due to blade force set too high. Too much blade exposure 4. Uncalibrated carriage.


Dirt or debris is stuck on the blade. Decrease the blade force and replace the blade.

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Decrease the blade exposure. Calibrate carriage.

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Common Ioline is60 Occasionally the vinyl will bubble during X axis movement and ioline is60 cause the knife to snag. Check the drive shaft and chartwheels for unusual wear, debris, or damage. Adjust pinch wheel and idler wheel positions. Ensure wheels are not positioned directly over driveshaft bearings.

Tracking: Tracking is the process that controls the media motion over the platen and assures accurate lines. If the vinyl is slipping under the pinchwheels or is misaligned, cutting quality is degraded. To resolve tracking difficulties try the following suggestions: The vinyl must be installed correctly see Chapter 2 so that it is taut and square. The ioline is60 may be sticking to a dirty platen.

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Inspect the platen and refer to the Cleaning section of Chapter 5 for further instructions. Make sure both of ioline is60 outermost pinchwheels are about one inch in from the edge of the vinyl.

Pinchwheels and idlers should be evenly spaced there are three or four ioline is60 positioned over the drive shaft not the bearings. Check to ensure that vinyl tearing and bubbling are not occurring. Make sure the signcutteris approximately level by adjusting threaded stand feet. If one drive track is more pronounced or markedly different than the others there may be a pinchwheel or drive shaft problem. To install: Self-extracting file. I was offered a deal with the Mimaki cutter as a combo.

I turned down their offer and insisted ioline is60 them that I wanted the new Ioline SmarTrac Contour to go with my Mimaki printer.Built to last with wear resistant metal parts, the Ioline SmarTrac Roll Fed Sign and Graphics cutter gets the job done. See why this is the machine for you!. This support page offers Ioline is60 SmarTrac I/S vinyl cutter help for any issues you have with our systems! Get SmarTrac system support from Ioline today.

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